Richard (Rick) Cullwell is currently director of sales and marketing for Macurco, Inc. and has been with the company 8 Ĺ years.† The company has grown considerably during that time.

Marcurco, located in Englewood, Colorado, is a privately held company, that was established in 1972 as a manufacturer of gas detection and ventilation control systems.

EXPO1000 -† Iím really not sure what gas detection and ventilation control systems are.† Could you give me a little background?

RICK - Marcurco manufactures gas detection products for several different markets Ė the fire and security market, the HVAC market, the parking garage industry, and others.† These products are for all different types of gases including carbon monoxide (CO), heating gases (natural, methane, propane, LP) , nitrogen dioxide, refrigerants, hydrogen, and ammonia.

EXPO1000 -† Why would I need such a system?

RICK -† Most of the people we talk to in the parking garage industry are interested in carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Both OSHA and uniform building codes mandate that you keep both of these gases below certain levels. Both these standards mandate that a long-term exposure limit for carbon monoxide at 50 parts per million over an eight hour period, for example. In order to comply, most people run their fans 24 hours a day, which can become very expensive when you are looking at large fans. Macurco manufactures the control systems that run the fans only when they are required, thus saving the energy needed to run the fans continuously.

EXPO1000 -† So the fans are controlled by the level of the detected gases?

RICK -† Yes, there is no reason to run a fan at 3 in the morning when there are no cars driving in the garage and the carbon monoxide is at a safe level.† Macurcoís controllers are designed to activate the fans when set levels of CO are reached.†† Another gas to be aware of in a parking facility is nitrogen dioxide, a component of diesel fuel. Several states are mandating safe nitrogen dioxide levels. The OSHA limit for nitrogen dioxide is 5 parts per million over an 8 hour period.

EXPO1000 -† Tell me a little about how the detectors are installed in the parking facilities.

RICK - The installation is based on the size of the facility.† We recommend a detector for every 5000 square feet, thatís about a 73-foot center between units.† Generally we suggest mounting the detectors at breathing level or a little higher than breathing level because it is a life safety device and you worry about the level of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide people are breathing.†

EXPO1000 -† Are there other factors to consider in placement or configuration of the detectors?

RICK - Yes, another factor to take into consideration is airflow.† Restricted airflow areas - corridors, closed areas, and so forth - may require additional detectors.

EXPO1000 -† Does you company come in and help with the requirements surveys?

RICK -†† Actually no. We sell almost 100% through distribution. HVAC contractors and parking consultants are usually the people that specify our products.†† Macurco does however have a full technical support staff to assist and support both engineers and contractors when specifying our products.

Macurco is a small company and we havenít forgotten what customer service is. No matter who calls Ė whether itís a facility manager, contractor, or distributor. We assist with everything from specifications for the equipment and installation.

EXPO1000 -† Generally, what is the cost of the system and the return or payback on the investment?

RICK - If you take a case study we did a short while back using a 50,000 square-foot parking garage, the cost of our products in the garage was somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000.† The study reported that the payback was between four to five months. The energy savings came from the electricity conserved by controlling the exhaust fans.† Substantial additional savings come in heated facilities.

EXPO1000 -† Did the $4,000 to $5,000 include the installation of the detectors?

RICK - No, that number was just the cost of the products from us.† The cost including installation will run approximately the same. Therefore the total cost of the equipment and installation ran about $6,000 to $8,000.

EXPO1000 -† You must have quite a variety of solutions?

RICK - Yes, we have everything from small stand-alone systems to more integrated and complex control units.† Macurcoís controllers for the parking industry range from a stand-alone CO controller with one fan control relay for output to a multi-zone control system capable of detecting several types of gases and controlling multiple fans.

EXPO1000 -†† Are there other savings, such as insurance?

RICK - Though we do get inquiries from insurance companies from time to time I am currently unaware of any insurance company that offers discounts based upon installing our type of products. †The main reason these devices are used are for human safety and cost savings.

EXPO1000 -†† Can our visitors get additional information?

RICK - Macurcoís web site has a good deal of information including a selection guide to help with the type of product required as well as complete data sheets and operating instructions for all products.† There is also a white paper that describes the energy savings.

EXPO1000 -† Could a garage operator have its heatinig and air conditioning contractor get in touch with you?

RICK - Yes, we have a full technical staff on hand from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM Mountain Time as well as an engineer who can help with specifications.

EXPO1000 -†† Thank you very much for your time, I think that our visitors need to know about this type of energy saving and safety products.

RICK -† One of the reasons we are seeing an increase in our business in the last few years is that people are becoming more interested in energy savings.

By the way, our systems are not used only in the parking garage industry.† The fire and burglar alarm industries also use our systems in offices, chemical storage, and warehouses.

EXPO1000 -† Thanks again. We hope our visitors can gain some insight and savings by looking into your products.

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