Cathy Williamson

82 Lombardy Drive

Cecilia, (Elizabethtown) KY 42724

Phone: (270) 862-9672 fax: (270) 862-3566



20 years cold calling and outside sales experience

Creative promotional development skills

Commitment to relationship building selling

Demonstrated outstanding cost of sales ratio

Managed 100+ sales associates in VAR/Reseller/Partner programs


* Managed 14 state territory marketing Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management systems to police departments, fire departments, emergency management departments and 911 Communications Centers throughout the South remotely with minimal supervision

·        Quoted over $800,000 worth of new business in first nine months

* Successfully managed 18 state territory marketing Parking Enforcement software and handheld hardware products

to universities, colleges and cities throughout the South remotely with minimal supervision

·        Sales Representative of the Year 1999

·        Generated $1.3 million in new business

* Successfully managed 7 state territory marketing Parking Enforcement & Utility Billing software and hardware products to municipalities, utilities and universities remotely throughout the Southeast with minimal supervision

·        Sales Representative of the Year 1992, 1993 & 1994

·        Increased new business 45% each year, landing largest single sale in department’s history

·        Demonstrated efficient travel planning-consistently closed 85% of sales with one call, 20% without going on-site

* Developed “partner" VAR/Reseller program and managed participants marketing a new inductive probe product for the utility industry.

·        Products acceptance and implementation in over 30 utilities within the first 18 months

·        Recruited all major meter manufactures to co-market the product even when they manufactured similar units

·        Recruited major handheld vendors to co-market the product, replacing competitors to become the “probe of choice”

* Assistant project manager for a 400 handheld implementation, created training materials, supervised documentation, designed product brochures, participated in trade show activities, held on-site classes, created ‘RFP” response packet

·        Contributed toward companies acceptance and credibility in the utility industry

·        Sales tripled from the previous year, realizing largest single sale in company’s history

* Introduced national level reseller program to broaden customer base and increase market share

·        Generated over $300,000 additional revenue in the first 24 months

·        Marketing approach was adopted by sales force because of its effectiveness

* Coordinated first users group meeting in the Southeast

·        Generated mass mailing materials resulting in the largest % of customer participation to date


Southern Regional Manager                                                                   10/02-Present

Computer Information Systems, Skokie, IL                                             

Account Manager, Radix VAR                                                                 10/01- 1/02

Twisted Air, Cecilia, KY - New Brunswick, Canada                                  

Regional Account Manager, Radix VAR                                                   1/01 - 9/01

Complus Data Innovations, Cecilia, KYHawthorne, NY

Regional Sale Representative, Radix VAR                                                1/98 -  8/00

T2 Systems, Inc., Cecilia, KY – Avon/Indianapolis, IN
Sales Manager, Radix VAR                                                                     4/96 - 1/98

U.S. Microtel, Cecilia, KY - Richardson, TX

Sales Representative/Product Services Manager, Radix VAR                    7/94 - 3/96

Dexter Fortson Associates, Hueytown, AL

Southeastern Sales Representative,VAR/Reseller Manager                       3/89 - 3/94

Radix Corporation, Birmingham, AL - Salt Lake City, Utah

lnstallation/Customer Support Representative                                           5/88 - 2/89

Norrell Financial Systems, Birmingham, AL

Installation Coordinator I Instructor - Associate Designer                        10/86 - 12/87

McDonnell Douglas Banking System, Birmingham, AL

Operations Manager/ Owner                                                                   4/84 - 9/86

Computer Stuff, Vicksburg, MS