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O'Neil Printer Supplies Group

Established in 1981, O'Neil Product Development has earned its reputation as the world leader in rugged portable printers. With its focus solely on the design, engineering and manufacture of portable printers, O'Neil is consistently the first to introduce innovations.

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News Flash

Today: July 30, 2003, two City of Dallas Parking Enforcement Officers performed a miracle healing on an unfortunate citizen.

As it occurred, the officers were citing and booting a vehicle that was in violation and that had outstanding citations against it. While in the performance of what is usually a normal job duty, the owner of the vehicle expeditiously exited the nearby apartment complex in a wheel chair. As the disabled citizen wheeled closer to the officers, he inquired as to the nature of their visit. The senior of the two officers briefly but compassionately explained to the citizen of his new found predicament.

While still maneuvering forward in a rapid motion, the citizen was apparently healed of his impairment and bolted upward out of his wheel chair. He walked the final twenty feet to the officers location for further discussion of the matter. After this conversation, the citizen had a relapse and re-entered his chair, and disappeared back into the apartment complex again.

Only moments later the second and final healing had occurred. The once mobility impaired citizen re-appeared from the apartment building, only this time without any use of the wheel chair at all. "IT'S A MIRACLE", as witnessed and possibly performed by not one.... but by two of Dallas' Finest.

It is now, with an even greater pleasure, that we can come to work on a daily basis, and be able to have such a positive effect on people like we have never experienced before.

I am truly proud to be a part of such an outstanding organization such as this one, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Lt. Billy. J. Miller, Shift Supervisor
Parking Enforcement Section
Public Works And Transportation Department
City of Dallas

Situation Wanted

Cathy Williamson

New vendor listing


Parktek was created with the goal of becoming Florida's leader in Parking Management. Our mission is to deliver the best possible service to our clients with methods and practices that are principled, honest and reliable.

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Featured Site

Technology in Parking

Our goal is to make your customer parking experience easy and simple. Our wide variety of specialized software is at your disposal.

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New vendor listing

Visy - Your Partner in Vision

Visy is a hi-tech company specialized in computer vision technology. The main areas of expertise are optical character recognition (OCR) and visual inspection tasks. The company has got strong knowledge on latest technological innovations in such areas as image processing and soft computing, as well as imaging technology.

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Duncan Industries Has Been SOLD!

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New vendor listing

LPR Editor

Now, a new generation of software is debuted: LPReditor, offers a robust, transportable, automatic license plate recognition (LPR) capability, designed exclusively for system integrators, value-added resellers, and volume end-users. LPReditor is built entirely on industry-standard modules and incorporates features that make it easy to:
  • Integrate into a larger solutions-oriented system;
  • Modify for unique installation scenarios;
  • Adapt to emerging or changing applications;
  • Incorporate advances in commodity processor technology;
  • Read a rich variety of image formats--on-line and off-line--in color and monochrome;
  • Apply optical character recognition (OCR) capability;
  • Use, and independent of plate character font and image resolution
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